For more than 20 years our goal is excellence and the markets from North to South, internally and abroad, recognize our products. The brands ESBAL and FIORDE are unquestionably our best image.

We always dedicated ourselves to the preparation of dried salted cod and our product has the characteristics every one looks for: a good fibre and an excellent slice.

For us the will to understand the constant needs of a modern and highly competitive market led us to develop, with a great success, the production of frozen desalted cod in the same frame of quality that we achieved on the dried salted cod.

In ESBAL we have a strong tradition of Strictness, Competence and Quality that we bring to the relationships with our partners.

We guarantee to the consumer the certainty of the true experience of the Portuguese Cod and all the chain - from the salt supplier to the more faithful customer and the remaining agents and partners - is committed in getting to your table the most faithful friend with the ever flavour.